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First Shipment Discount

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"I have been using World Transport for 5 years now.  They are extremely professional and I always get my products to my customers shortly after they are ordered."
Billy Holls - London, England

"The money I have saved by using the Premium Business Package is considerable.  I am now able to use the savings to invest elsewhere in my business."
Shelly Hernandez - Miami, Florida

Shipping Policy

All of our business deliveries must be signed by an authorized person on the account.  We are serious about protecting our customers from lost or stolen goods.

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Personal Delivery

  • 7-10 day worldwide shipping - $15
  • 3-5 day worldwide shipping - $35
  • Overnight shipping - $35
  • Overnight Air shipping - $55
  • Worldwide Air shipping (fastest available) - $65

Business Packages

Basic Business Package - $499 per month
This is the starter business shipping package designed for small companies that ship product.

Advanced Business Package - $1099 per month
This is an upgraded package that ensures low prices for up to 200 shipments.

Premium Business Package - $1999 per month
This top level package save large business the most money while allowing them to ship up to 500 orders per month.

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Transportation Services

  • Taxi Service - $15 + .30 per mile.
  • Luxary Bus Service - $1000 + .50 per mile
  • Limousine Service - $400 + $50 per hour